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Donald Hamel Window Cleaning Company is the best window washing and power washing company in Chicago, IL for skyscrapers and tall buildings.

We have been providing top-notch exterior cleaning services for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings since 1983.

From high-rise window washing and pressure washing to gutter cleaning and anchor point installation, our certified, trained, and experienced staff are always ready to serve you with quality services that meet your needs.

Photo of commercial high-rise window cleaning workers on a cradle washing windows.
Photo of window cleaning worker using industrial mountaineering equipment to hang upside down from a commercial high-rise building.

Professionals That Use Our Services Include

Affordable and High-Quality
Window Washing Services in Chicago

Commercial • Residential • Institutional

Our certified and experienced team offers a range of services, including:

We can also hoist oversized objects, too large for stairwells and elevators, by lifting them through a window.
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Photo of industrial mountaineering workers professional cleaners washing glass windows, hanging on safety climbing ropes. Window washer looking at camera and showing biceps while colleague giving thumbs up.
Photo of industrial mountaineering worker professional cleaners washing glass windows, hanging on safety climbing ropes. Window washer using suction cup to hold in place while washing the window.

Large Object Lifting for Tall Buildings, Condos & Apartments

A Solution for Bulk Furniture Delivery to High-Rise Properties

Our team is fully capable of lifting large objects safely and securely through your window or balcony.

This includes transporting heavy furniture, decorative items, and orders for bulk furniture delivery to high-rise properties.

Photo of commercial high-rise skyscraper building with a window cleaning crew on a cradle hanging from the side of the building.
Photos of industrial window cleaning mountaineering worker inspecting climbing safety gear and window washing equipment.

High-Quality Gutter Cleaning Services for Your Chicago Building

Keep Your Chicago Building Safe

Clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your building’s roof and foundation. We provide high-quality gutter cleaning services to ensure your building’s gutters are functioning properly.

Our experienced team uses advanced equipment to thoroughly clean out your gutters, removing any debris, leaves, or dirt that may cause blockages.

Expert Exterior Building Caulking

Protect Your Building from Weather Damage

Exterior building caulking is an essential process for protecting your building from leaks and drafts.

Our certified and trained team can apply caulking to hard-to-reach areas. We can also perform minor repairs and assist contractors with accommodations to the outside of tall buildings.

Photo of worker hanging from a tall residential building using safety equipment while using a drill to affix an exterior building exhaust vent.

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Thorough and Reliable Window Washing and Power Washing Services

Photo of commercial cleaning service worker power washing a roof top. Cleaner being thorough while cleaning top of high-rise building.

We Guarantee:

Professionalism – Certified, trained, and experienced technicians.

Quality service – Thorough cleaning of windows, gutters, facades, and more.

Safety – Utilizing the latest equipment and safety gear to ensure a safe working environment.

Flexibility – We can accommodate repairs on the outside of tall buildings, and lift large objects outside and through windows.

Experience – Over 40 years of window washing experience in Chicago, IL.

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